Mereks question - does she have it?

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    May 10, 2010
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    I have a hen that is about 5 mo. old that is showing signs of Mereks. All this in the last 2 weeks. Red sex Link

    Her head feathers are puffed up, eyes are slightly puffy and squinty - no discharge from her eyes or nose.
    She had trouble walking last week, but that had gotten better.
    Drinks, but doesn't eat much.
    Loosing weight
    Now(today), she is walking with a rather stiff leg - paralysis?
    She sits or stands with her head tucked back on her neck.
    Can't fly to the roost anymore.
    Croop isn't blocked - not much in there
    Seems to be gasping for air - neck stretched mouth gaping
    Poop in the last day has a green tint to it - with lots of liquid - pee with it. No blood.
    We did have a bout of lice - poultry dusted them all - going to do it again tonight. She was showing the squinty eye and poofy feathers then. Everything else was fine with her - eating and drinking normal.

    What do you think? If it is Mereks - the others have already been infected by the time these symptoms showed. I don't know if they were vaccinated. My guess is not - smaller operation in the sticks around Portland. We got the girls from the same place off of Craigslist. No one else seems to be acting this way.

    Really thinking about culling her soon as she seems to be taking a turn for the worse. No eggs from anyone - doubt egg bound

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