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May 16, 2012
Hi everyone,
A breeder was mentioned on the Black Marans forum here, and I ordered 12 straight run chicks from Michigan Marans (www.mimarans.webs.com) website and got on a waiting list. At the time, and for a week or so after, I was at the bottom of the list, and the hatch dates were noted along with a post that the breeder was about "three weeks out". Three weeks about was about the time the latest batch was due to hatch (6/4 if I recall). Now I see the order list is longer (by one) but the hatch dates are no longer shown. And the post has been changed to "five weeks out". I am hoping that applies to any new orders and that my hatch date is still that 6/4 that was posted while and after I purchased.

The problem is there appears to be no way to contact this person from the website. Trying to use the "contact us" button results in a submission error stating the owner has exceed their space (I think it is a free business website and probably has some stringent space restrictions). No phone number, no address, no name.

The 12 straight run chicks are pre paid ($130). Anyone have personal experience with this breeder that might clue me in on when these chicks might arrive? I am still thinking 6/4 - 6 except that it seems I would be contacted with this information, so this has me worried. Or anyone know how to contact this person?

I don't think it is any kind of scam but I am getting worried about the heat here in Missouri and already feel I am risking intense heat with an early June delivery. Additionally, I can't sit around all day waiting for a call from the post office that is not going to come. I guess Amazon has me spoiled :) Since I am new to this, I guess I dont know what to expect. Am I wrong to be concerned?
No worries. Eventually, I contacted paypal and got his email and phone number from them. Email contact ensued, and he explained the delay was due to his hens laying decline. We agreed to cancel my purchase and he has already refunded my purchase price to paypal as I just cannot stay tied to the computer in case an email comes that he has shipped chicks without knowing a specific range of just a few days -- and it the temperatures are likely to be too hot as we near July.

I will try to get to the Missouri Swap at Jacob's Creek this weekend to get my hands on some birds. The owner has apparently fixed his website now so that emails can be sent to him from there, and he intends to add phone number or some other contact information.

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