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  1. gaitngirl

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    Sorry about your dog Tap. I do rescue work and have always had dogs - having to put a beloved companion down is always rough. Hopefully your DH will cone around.

    Lisa - they do currently go into the chicken coop most nights. A couple of nicer nights that we've had they will snuggle up with each other just outside of the coop. They are getting their own duck huts this summer. I'm working on an area around my pond that I can enclose (so every day is not like Easter trying to locate eggs, lol).
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    Do they go back to the coop or do you have to round them up? Do they stay together? I have 12 week old cockerals and pullets 7 of them I wanted to let them free range but I want them to come back, I think. LOL
  3. HollyDuckFarmer

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    Jun 30, 2012
    LP Michigan
    Hi there Everyone. Well looks like these cold nights are confusing my laying ducks. Only 2 eggs today, down from 4 last week. I really think the FF makes a big difference. Plus, with the feed being "wet" I guess I just feel better when it's warm outside. Gaitngirl, did you get eggs yet? Your ducks looks so happy & that is indeed an adorable pic!
    Tap -- So sorry about your dog. It's hard. Reminds me of a story that a neighbor lady told me after she had to have her dog put down. She said that they got in the car (her DH drove) and she held her dog on her lap, and her Vet came out to their car, gave her dog an injection, and they drove home and by the time they'd arrived home, her dog had passed on to the other side. I think all Vets should operate that way. Myself, I have a 14-yr old Golden that is waiting.
    Well I told my family that I wanted to stay home and catch up on projects around the house and especially the overly-delayed Spring Cleaning of my kids' closets. And you know that now I've got the boys out target shooting and the girl watching YouTube while I make potato salad. Anybody got the magic answer to motivating our DHs & kids?????

    I hope that everyone has a Peaceful & Special Memorial Weekend. :)
  4. kimmie6067

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    Tap I am soooooo sorry about your dog my dog of 12 years died a year and a half ago, I watched him in his last moments then all of a sudden he wanted outside I thought wow maybe he will be alright but no I sat down for a few minutes then fell asleep I look outside and he was gone on the porch were he like to lay and watch the world go by. I loved that dog.

    I have one duckie that hatched out of 7 eggs now what am I going to do with one duckie?
  5. kimmie6067

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    The first link to join the council did not work for some reason
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Belding Michigan
    I agree, our last vet wouldn't come out to the truck, poor old boy(our dog) was over 70LB with very bad hind legs. He was in so much pain he bit my DH trying to get him out of the truck, I was not happy with him and will not go back
    I really don't understand why they can't all simply come out to the car, dog wouldn't be upset or scared in their last hr. and it would be so much easier on us.
  7. gaitngirl

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    Holly - I got 2 eggs yesterday (one of them fashioned a little nest by my hibiscus) and 1 was just dropped in the yard randomly this morning, lol. There is enough of a color and size difference that I can tell the Pekin and Muscovy eggs apart, luckily. My scovies quit laying a few days ago, too! One had gone broody so I had to keep booting her off the nest and I think they are both on strike now!!
    I have 3 broody chickens in the coop now. Grrrr. I'm only getting 7 - 10 eggs per day on a good day! I finally have customers for duck eggs now, too.
  8. gaitngirl

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    Oh, and it looks like I'll be taking all those scovy chicks when they hatch next month (if they hatch). And hopefully mama, too. I went to look at her and she's gorgeous! And the gent can use the money right now. He tried to sell me a fat little pony of unknown age, lol. Hard to catch, bad feet (couple of trims will fix), and headstrong. But cute . . .
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  9. RaZ

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    Apr 20, 2011
    Caseville, MI
    What do you call it when you have 6 milk cows?
  10. Lisa and girls

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    Nov 2, 2012
    West Michigan
    Idk. Udderly fantastic? :)

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