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  1. shelleyb1969

    shelleyb1969 Star Bright Farm

    Quote:That's just right down the road from me. No worries, though...I can't afford it. [​IMG]
  2. Opa

    Opa Opa-wan Chickenobi

    May 11, 2008
    Howell Michigan
    For some reason I did sleep in. And it did feel rather nice but I feel like I'm already behind with everything I need to do today. It appears that it is going to be a busy spring but everything is remod. I hate having to deal with fixing things that weren't built right originally, but it's work.
    I'm headed to Miss_Jayne's in a couple of weeks. I takings some Welsummer eggs to her and Michelle. I've also built a 3 compartment rollout nest box for Michelle and I hope she likes it. I'm looking forward to meeting both ladies but I am very concerned with how much chickenitis is going to affect me. I've already asked Michelle to bring me some bantam orpingtons and something tells me I should probably take several cages juist in case.
  3. Guitartists

    Guitartists Resistance is futile

    Mar 21, 2008
    Morning Opa! Sleeping in sure sounds grand! [​IMG] Well... I'm off... too much to do and too little time [​IMG] Wish me luck... I'm gonna need it to accomplish all that needs to be done today!

    And if I find chicks in the bator today I may get NOTHING done [​IMG]
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  4. CATRAY44

    CATRAY44 Lard Cookin Chicken Woman

    Quote:Better bring an empty stomach and your hollow leg, too! [​IMG]
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  5. Daycare Mom

    Daycare Mom Chickens, Cuddly and Delicious

    Apr 9, 2008
    Conklin, Michigan
    Hey everyone!

    I am a GFM too! I love random acts of kindness!

    I am off to the dr. with DS this time. He says his ears are plugged and they won't clear. Its been a week since he started complaining so I figure its time to get it checked.

    Looks nice out, as soon as it gets a little warmer I am going to hang out some wash!

    I got my bare root strawberries in the mail from the nursery. Does anyone know if I can plant them now?I was thinking I could plant them now and then cover them with straw? I would like to wait until its warmer, but don't know how long they can wait. Any advice?
  6. MikkeyP

    MikkeyP Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 5, 2008
    Good morning everyone. Whew! I haven't been here for awhile. I worked eves, on Wednesday, doubled back to do a double yesterday and when she asked if I'd do an am today, I said, Nope, I have FOUR days off and I have to prepare 4-H stuff for the homeshow this weekend.

    I also got some strawberry plants to plant. I think I'll do them in containers on the deck. I'm going to try those wall of waters on them.
    Anybody ever try those? I did about 20 years ago and they seemed to work okay, so I thought I'd try it on the deck this time. Otherwise the darn deer eat everything!!!

    I just got my tomatoes and peppers started in the house. I think I need a heating pad under them though. (no room on top the fridge).

    It snowed last night and the roads were really slippery. An oncoming car was in the ditch, but there were already several people stopped. I just went about 40- 45 mph... Took the girls to school this am and they asked if they needed a jacket on. What? !!! Of course, It hasnt' hit 70 yet, although close a few weeks ago. We are supposed to have snow for the weekend too.

    Those quail eggs hatched out and we have 23 lively ones in daughter's room upstairs under a light. I hope to get them outside in the garage before their dad gets home. LOL.

    Well, that's enough procrastinating. Today is the day I start my taxes!! Yuck!!! Have a good one, everybody. Mikkey
  7. shelleyb1969

    shelleyb1969 Star Bright Farm

    Quote:I KNOW I'm going to love that nesting box, Sam! And my girls are soooo close to laying...so they're ready for it, too. I actually got my first egg (from the big girls) yesterday, so I'm expecting the rest of them to "fire up". Can't wait!

    Yes, you should probably bring extra cages! MJ has lots of little temptations at her house! [​IMG]
  8. xpButtercup

    xpButtercup Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 19, 2008
    Eaton County, MI
    Okay, suffer a rookie please, I've got the delivered box of eggs on my desk here at work, was mailed on Wednesday and received this morning. I don't want to peek inside the box until I get it safely home and figure out what my next move will be.

    How many days before I either have to put these under a broody or in a 'bator? Where should I keep them; what temp range? The until-recently-broody hen is NOT cooperating with attempts to get her to reconsider being a mommy ... and none of the others are even lingering in the nest boxes.

    I stopped at TSC and saw they had an incubator for $41.99 but not sure how I feel about that route ... once I have it, won't it be tempting to use it more than once? LOL (Like I don't know what to expect from THIS bunch of enablers!)

    Hubby is the one always stuck with chicken chores in the morning rush to get both of us and 3 kids out the door, so I have to run any labor-intensive plans by him first. [​IMG]
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  9. miss_jayne

    miss_jayne Lady_Jayne

    Jun 26, 2008
    Columbiaville, MI

    you don't want fertile eggs more than 2 weeks old, but i try to stick with a week and a half max. (the time greatly affects viability)

    the hormones have to kick her in gear.

    seriously, if you can get them to Cat and then she can bring them here and i can put them in the bator for you. just so you know, it's not a problem. [​IMG]
  10. CATRAY44

    CATRAY44 Lard Cookin Chicken Woman


    If you decide to take up MJ's offer, I would be happy to meet you in Jackson or Spring Arbor... I am picking up some other eggs to go to MJ's on Tuesday.... MJ has the huge fancy-dancy high tech bator (cuz she is Sassy like that!)
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