Might get some Polish tomorrow - please tell me about them!!


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Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
Am looking at a few sweet polish hens for sale tomorrow morning, they will be 1 year old this summer - am looking for eggs and personality!

Pros and cons about polish?

What do you like and don't like about them?

Should I get a couple?

THANK YOU for your help!
I don't know anything about them, but you should get some and bring me some too.
We have several polish and they are very interesting. They have a personality and a half. The kinda act wild at first they seem to have some trust issues sometimes but are very friendly once they get to know you. The chicks are very independant acting but it is only an act they are my favorite to watch in the yard out of all the breeds we have. The pro has gotta be the entertainment value dont really have any cons they do tend to talkative but that really isnt a bad thing. The only thing to really watch out for that I have found out so far is making sure the roosters dont get dirty crest as it will cause eye irritating but that is about it. The hens seem very tame and love to let my wife rub them. Hope this helps you out some. jeff
I agree with Jeffro that they are a little wild at first. I kept a lost Polish roo for a neighbor, and he escaped from me, too...I had to walk ALL over the woods to get the thing back so that I could return it to her after she left work.

He was so pretty, though, and I figured the running off thing was just THAT chicken's personality...BUT...when I got some of my own (a golden laced pair), I kept them up for a week and when released to free-range the roo ran off anyway and coaxed the hen to follow. The neat part was that (the neighbor came to tell me about them being down the road), when I went to get them, all I had to do was shake the scratch and the little hen literally flew over a creek to get to me and eat. I was amazed at how smart and friendly she was at that point. The roo, on the other hand, I still couldn't find, and TWO WEEKS later (I figured he was coyote meat by then) another neighbor came and said he'd had him penned up for a week. I was so glad to have him back, and have not let him out since. I don't trust them not to run off again.

They are very talkative, and the little hen is one of the top three friendliest chickens I have. So SWEET!
You MUST get the polish! My standard girls lay pretty well, but not like a RIR or other layer type breed. I'd usually get about 4 eggs/week during the summer, now that's is cold... My polish are very friendly. I have a khaki hen that runs after me where ever I go just so I'll pick her up
They are a bit more prone to predators if you don't give them a hair cut every now and then, but it's easy and takes about 5 seconds to do
I adore my polish, even the one's that aren't into being held. They are so nice o look at, and just silly birds! Here are some pics to get you excited




My Polish are very tame, It does take alittle time to get them that way.
The thing with polish is if you get them you have to watch out for crest mites.
My polish hardyly touch the ground. I check them weekly or month to month. crest mites will kill your polish and
affect their laying. Keep them in a dry environment and keep waterers clean other than that you should be good to go.

Good luck & Congrats !
Great feedback - thanks so much everyone!

If the girls are nice and healthy and friendly, I may just come home with a couple tomorrow afternoon - yey!

I love them! I got some on a whim and we've fallen in love. Those who said personality and a half are dead on. They are adorable and funny. My girls love to be held and are my kids favorite chickens. My golden, Desdemona, now runs the chicken yard. I love watching her boss all the bigger chickens around. Even though she is just a tiny bantam, she is The Queen.

My girls lay fairly well. They aren't as reliable as a true layer breed, but they pull their weight.

Cons? They aren't as hardy to free ranging and foraging. Hair cuts help, but honestly, mine freeze when the rooster sounds the "hawk alarm." So they live in a covered run. They do get grubby in the rain and their crests get pretty bedraggled.

But I absolutely love them!

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