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    Mar 28, 2009
    Minh T. Nguyen has made a new version (1.5) of PhotoResizer.
    It is a very small program that does a great job and is simple to use.

    It now allows you to select the pictures you want to resize (ctrl+click) and then right-click and choose "send-to|PhotoResizer" and it will resize the pictures based on your last used settings and automatically put them in a sub folder called "Resized"
    You can also just right-click a photo and do the same, sendto>photoresizer
    Or simply drag a folder full of pictures and drop it on the opened program and it will go to work resizing the pics and putting them in a new folder.

    It doesn't get any easier than this free program.

    I started corresponding with Mihn when I realized that the program was so easy that it was the only thing my daughters used to resize photos for the net. I tried to teach them to use Irfanview, Fireworks, etc. they always went back to Mihn's PhotoResizer.

    One of the features I like is it doesn't alter the originals in case you decide later to print them or edit them etc.

    I got rid of the program once and the girls started freaking out wanting to know what I did with Photoresizer... LOL.. after that they started telling me features they wanted to see... I relayed them to Mihn and he made it happen.

    The website shows you how easy it is to use with screenshots of the program in action.


    Mihn is a Great guy and great programmer... give it a try.
    If you like it send him a donation... he needs it he just got married. LOL
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    Downloading doesn't work for me. [​IMG]

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