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I provide daycare. I just took on a new child - he just started his second month with me. His parents have just split up and they pay the fees 50/50. Today, I get told by the mother that the father wants to know if he can pay on the 15th instead of the 1st. I tend to be someone who finds it hard to say no. In this case, it was so very easy.

It seems to me, when it comes to financial obligations, the daycare provider should not be considered an option for trying to get the fee payment date pushed later in the month.

I already gave this family a break by pro-rating the fees because the child didn't start until the 2nd week of May and the parents knew back in February what the fees are and when they are due. Also, I do have them sign a contract which states the fees and when they are due.

I have an awful feeling that payment from the dad could become a problem. I think I will mention that the other family gives me post dated cheques and suggest that they may wish to do the same. I know it won't stop his cheques from bouncing, but my guess is that he is probably trying to stay out of a line of credit. I had that happen to me once before - a client wanted me to hold off cashing the cheque because otherwise, she would end up in her line of credit! Uh, no.

When it comes to the person taking care of the most precious part of one's that person on time and never ask to delay payment.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Thanks for letting me spout.
I agree 100%

My kids go to a daycare and I am ASTOUNDED at how laxidasical some of the parents are when it comes to payment. Good luck with your new customer.
If he does give you a check, you can always call the bank to check in the funds are available and when they are cash it immediately.

I used to do it with bad checks when I worked in a doctor's office. The bank won't give you any personal information on the person - you just call them, give them the name, account number and amount on the check and they'll tell you yes or no if the funds are available or not.
When I provided day care, I insisted on being paid on Monday for that week, and if I couldnt or didnt keep the child for what ever reason, then that days fee was credited to the next week UNLESS the parent didnt call and tell me, and just wouldnt show up, then to me, i was available and waiting and they CHOSE not to call or come to me, it was MY money! Unless of course there was a family emergency or something like that!

My Mom did daycare for years, and she was stung more than once by non payment, so we learned this the hard way, always get paid upfront.
Good for you! Stick to your guns!

When I worked at a vet clinic we used to get the worst sob stories for why people couldn't pay, and they'd beg beg beg for us to let them charge.
I always wanted to ask, "If none of your friends and family will loan you money for something this important, why on earth should we?"

Sorry you're having hassles.
I agree that you, as a primary provider, for their children should be paid first. However, I have a symantecs question with your post. Was you being asked to "wait 2 weeks, I don't have it yet" or was he asking to have a different payment schedule( on the 15th of the month, every month). (I don't care for the second option a whole lot because I don't think people should over-extend themselves to that point. However, that is an ideal and definitely not doable in every situation)
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I understand what your concerns are... you shouldnt be expected to work for free.. noone should!
But..i also have to say that people do get in hard times... espically going through a divorce...
I dont know..maybe he has too many bills to pay on the 1st of the month and thats why the 15th is better for him?
I know for myself... i had them change my car payment date towards the middle of the month because it was just too much with the paying the mortage on the first of the month...
Sometimes people have to re-arrange their bill due dates to work for they CAN pay the bills..
Does that make sense?
Either way...good luck..
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Don't offer to take post dated checks - that's the same thing as him not paying until the 15th. Either way, you aren't getting your money on time. Personally, they signed the contract, they know what's due and when. If it works better for him to pay on the 15th, then he can pay you on the 15th - for the NEXT month......or he can set that money aside on the 15th (go ahead and write the check and record it) but give it to you when it's due. I can tell you from a friend who found out the hard way.....if you start allowing dates/times/payments different than what your contract says and you wind up in're pretty much out of luck. If you aren't willing to enforce your contract, the judge won't, either. At least, that's what happened to my friend and she was trying to help out a single Mom.
I understand that a lot of bills come due on the 1st, but, if he wants to alter a payment schedule, then why not the rent on his 1 bedroom apartment in the trendy part of town which costs more than I pay for a full 6 bedroom house?

I should point out that I did not take that knowledge into consideration when I made my decision. I pay my bills when they come due and in order to do this, I need to be paid on time. I actually stagger my bills, but by being paid on the 1st, I know that the money is there to cover the bills through the month.

I get paid up front - ie fees for June daycare are due June 1. I also charge a 50% deposit applicable to the final month's fees. This way, I don't get stuck doing child care for free.

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