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Mar 23, 2014
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Show your mini Rex's here and tell us about them: I have to post pics later , but I have 5 minis 2 bucks 3 does. I breed minis Rex's, I'm looking for a blue doe broken and or solid.
Hi I have 3 bucks and 3 does and I breed and show. Dose anyone else show??

You breed. Yes, maybe you could answer my question. I have papers for all my mini Rex's, and they all have at least 2 of the same names( the breeder was on short supply I guess), its all in ether the 4,3,2 generations. Can I still breed them together?
If anyone has any tips they have for newbies about breeding rabbits or just anything they would like to share. What are u waiting for tell us. Lol. I just found out today that my mini Rex bucks if they don't breed willingly, all I have to do is set them on the doe and tap them on the rear, it's like it's a signal to start. Lol

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