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    Aren't you all just a bunch of sassy ones today?! LOL Thanks for the chuckle.
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    If a man has two wives and one dies is he a widower?

    If so it is with saddened heart I have to tell you Bert, the now monogamous rooster I am currently using as an avatar is a widower. One of his two gals died today. I just came in from checking on them and found her dead. She was either semi-frozen or rigor mortis has started to set in. I am so disappointed. I wanted them to become old enough to lay eggs.

    She was slightly bloody at the vent. I did not open her up yet. I am contemplating doing so. I assume at this point it had something to do with her being a nearly 9 month old CX.

    I will let you know if I find anything. I should have known something was wrong, she was huddled with the other pullet this morning when I let them out, neither pullet came outside for sunflower seeds (their morning treat). Now the other pullet looks fine and is huddled next to Bert, I suppose they are comforting each other over the lose of the sister wife.

    Sad cold day here, I am hoping my wife does not cry when she hears the bad news. Or I hope she does not laugh at me for crying.

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    Sorry Ralphie:

    And please give our condolences to your Polygamist yet widower Roo. Not much worse than coming across a chicken corpse in my BYC humble opinion. Poor girl. You might see that he could be different or depressed for a bit. Chickens have amazingly intricate relationships. I'll have to find a thing I found on the internet about chicken sociology. It was quite interesting.
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    Aw. :(
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    Ralphie-sorry for your loss.
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    hey Ralphie, I'm sorry to hear about your hen. Its always hard. Good for you if you get around to doing a necropsy. I manage to do one about half the time with unexpected deaths. am learning a little with each one. The other half of the time I think, I just don't want to do it (too cold, too dark, too sad, too busy, too hot......)
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    Sorry to hear you lost your CX hen. I hope the other survives so you can continue your experiment.
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    So sorry about your girl Ralphie, so sad :(

    I put baby out on the roost last night, then this morning checked her crop, still felt something in there when she hadn't eaten anything. gave her meds this morning again and kept her in a cage with only water till I got home from work. crop was empty, fed her some oatmeal and crumble, she didn't eat much and looked droopy and sad, so I brought her out to the coop and she is now the the other girls. she started eating and drinking. I'll check her poo and her crop in the morning and see if it went down over night.

    I was also pretty certain I was going to win that lottery. we had a pool at work, a shoe in! Depressed [​IMG]
  9. I brought one of my ducks inside and I noticed she had black/white stuff on the edge of her feet. Luckily, it's not very much right now, my biggest concern is that it would get worse and something like what happened to your duck would happen. :| I've never owned a duck in the winter before so I don't know what to expect. Does vaseline help like it does with chicken combs or would it just rub off when the ducks walked?? I don't want anything to happen to my sweet little ducks. :) It's good to know, thought that they can still manage without feet! It's funny, too! I would never have thought! Well, thanks for you time and help!

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