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    Feb 16, 2015
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    They carry VetRx at Runnings, too!
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Happy Memorial Day!!

    Had a great surprise when I got home from camping today!! My broody BA eggs have beaks inside the air cell and r cheeping!! It was surprising cuz with broodies I give them eggs and when they hatch they hatch I just check on them every few days and candle.
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    I have more chicks than I really want (not really but that's what I tell myself) as I ordered more than I "wanted" as I figured I would lose one or two while a tiny chick and figured I could possibly lose one during the combining of groups but wouldn't you know I didn't lose any when they were tiny chicks and the combining of groups is going smoothly. Figures ;)

    If I can get up the nerve, I may cull (is that the correct term?) one or two this fall for fried chicken.
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    cull is the correct term. Before you do, be sure to read up on how to best cook a chicken that has been running around. Otherwise, you may well be really disappointed in your first efforts. Have to let the carcass rest, and best to brine it.

    First time I butchered xcess roosters, the first "dinner" was practically inedible. I was so disappointed because I had heard so much about how much better the flavor was than storebought chicken. Then found out all I had done wrong. 2nd try, it was divine, and after that it has gone well.
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    Apr 20, 2015
    I have 6 obvious Roos so far in my 6/7 wk bunch. There are two more that are acting mighty rooish (is that a word? Lol). When I got home from camping this wknd, 2 chicks in my younger flock are getting red combs and wattles already. Gonna have a rooster farm pretty soon! I can't have roosters where I live and I don't know if I could butcher them myself. Anybody have any good rooster placement suggestions? I don't care if someone else makes them chicken nuggets : )
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    Question...wife and I just noticed a chunk of the top of the beak of one of the SLW is missing. It's not necessarily bleeding although it's very red and damp. Anything necessary we need to do? We put her in a seperate cage which she clearly does not like as she's pacing back and forth at a hundred miles per hour. Poor girl.
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    Can she still eat? Mine broke her top beak, I made sure she could still eat and left her alone. If it is not to far broken off, it will grow back. but there is a point if it breaks to far it will not grow back. if she can't eat hard crumble, you may have to make mash for her with feed mixed with water for awhile until she can eat.

    top beak broke

    growing back, 2 week later

    all better about a month to 5 weeks after break
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    Well, it appears to be the top layer of the beaks "shell" and not the tip of the beak. In other words, she should be able to eat as the beak isn't broken off but the outer layer of the beak has been ripped off. Not sure if you can tell what I mean from the pics.
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    Scott do you have a picture of the beak? It may be ok on it's own or may require you to repair it a bit.

    We just got back from camping too. It's raining cats and dogs today during the pack up. And found all the chickens free ranging on my covered porch. Turning it into poopville. Not so great for hauling in camper stuff.
    We had a bear visit Friday night while we were away. But she just grabbed the garbage and took it over to our neighbors to rip it apart. They however feed birds and deer and had more damage. I hadn't heard any thing on the state of my coop from FIL so was a bit nervous about that returning home as last time she ruined my run a bit going through chicken wire and ruining the pop door frame work with her big hairy arm, all was well.

    I just love those australorps. Scott they are such good birds and at 4 years old hens are usually pretty set in their ways. Sounds like the integration is a success.
    My BA is my fave bird right now. She follows me around like Jasmine did. Seriously she is like a pet dog. She was a "background bird" in the personality realm but she has really come out of her shell so to speak. Lol. She forages great ( low impact on feed) dark in the woods hard to see. She is hatchery and part of my original crew. Beautiful creamy brown eggs. Sweet little purr.
    Sylvia is my SLW. She is mean as the day is long. Toenails are long because she keeps the roo hustling and scratching for her. He sleeps like a rock every night and I'm sure it's because of Sylvia's incessant demands. Her voice is sugar sweet but I'm thinking Roger is over it as he has fresh new girls.
    Also from my first flock is the 3 henopausal EEs. Beautiful yard ornaments and feed eaters. Lily is grey, flighty. Will roost in trees but prefers the coop thankfully. Marigold is buff and is a diva. Self important with questionable morals. Fleur is the flocks groom.
    Then we got Dixie a buff silkie. Determined broody momma. Feisty personality in a flock of standards she holds her own. She's been broody for a good portion of her life here and keeps eggs from freezing in the winter and will hatch me some of Minnie's precious eggs when I need. She's a character and a half.
    Last year I also added a buckeye and BLRW mix. Daisy is my buckeye and she's huge. She likes the feed and lays great. She is a little skiddish but I think the others pick on her because she's a little different. Roger can barely muckle her. Lucy is the blue laced red Wyandotte. She's gorgeous. Tons of eggs. Friendly. Has wyandottish nastiness to the other girls but she's second generation so minds her p's & q's with the older hens for the most part.
    Then there is the creamette sisters. Fern and Fiona. Heavenly blue eggs. Cute large eyes in sweet faces. They love their free ranging. L
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    Im keeping her quarantined for her safety until the redness goes away. I added 2 pics to my message above. I think she'll be ok but i hate to think of her in pain.

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