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    I don't know who you are directing this question to, but my sister has Serama/Pyncheon crosses. Beautiful little birds! If you are interested, I could give you her contact info.
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    Kind of new to this so not really sure if I'm actually replying back to you but sure, I wouldn't mind taking a look and contacting your sister.

    Thanks ^^
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    @lalaland Could you tell me/us in more detail about your deworming process and how do you know you get results? I read about all the back and forth on the information on deworming your flock with the 'natural' things then I go and read about the safeguard and horse wormer and all that. Still trying to figure it all out.
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    i think worming is complicated.
    to start with, its a given that all of your chickens have some worms. usually they can deal with a "normal" parasite load.

    when you start with chickens, assuming your run/coop is on ground that hasn't previously had chickens, your flock can probably do fine without doing any worming, assuming they are healthy

    however, as time passes, the cysts/worm eggs on the ground increase and the worm load gets heavier for your flock.
    That is why many people practice once yearly or twice yearly routine worming with a chemical wormer. Nothing wrong with that - you do lose 14 days of eggs, and you can't do it when they are molting as it interferes with feather development.

    the chemical wormers make me a little nervous, so I avoid them, except when I have an ailing hen. When I dont know what is wrong, I might worm just in case, based on what I am seeing with the hen. Now that I know I have mareks, I probably won't be doing that since a symptom of mareks is failure to maintain weight, which is also a symptom of worms. I probably thought I had a worm problem when it was mareks.

    You will read that DE, pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper, etc will act as wormers. I have not found this to be true. I do believe they assist in making an environment that is less supportive of wormers, but they will not resolve an overload of worms.

    I do the soapy water thing as mentioned before. I can't tell you positively that it works - I haven't had fecal floats done. But I have had the flock on the same ground for 8 years at this place, and I am not seeing problems.

    I did see some worms before I kept up the soapy water thing, and I used an herbal product that goat people swear by. Molly's herbals http://fiascofarm.com/herbs/wormer.htm

    I think it is a really great product and definitely works - based on fecal floats before and after that others have done. I would use it again if needed. It is a two part process and it supposed to be ongoing - a heavy dewormer followed by routine herbal support. I think there are other herbal wormers out there too.

    Lots of different ways to handle worms.
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    Thanks Lala
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    Tonight I finally got to Lucy, my BLRW, and her bumble toe. She has huge fluff also and had a poopy bottom. I got her cleaned up in a little chicken bath first.

    Lucy has been dragging behind a bit. She is a one year old and should not be dragging behind 3 year olds. So tonight I wormed her with valbazen, too. Got the core out of her foot or toe rather and wrapped her up in some Neosporin, non stick gauze, vet wrap. I hope this does the trick and turns her around. She's a great bird.

    Edited to add that I think, and this is just a theory, that when immunity is down through nutrition reduction or worm loads, other things start popping up, like bumble foot. I don't know if I'm right on this but it's my diagnosis for Lucy right now.
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    The Core is Disgusting!

    When we got Berts out it made me want to....Well you know, the same thing a good hard night of drinking does to one.....

    My DW says he is doing fine and his girls eggs are still hatching so everything must be ok. (Although they do not hatch at the rate I want them too, but neither do any other eggs this year,,,I need a new incubator)
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    I have a chickadee I will sell, they are about the same size. JUST if you buy it do not call the local game warden to complain about it's evil behavior, They will laugh and hang up on you, I know this from experience.

    This chickadee is intense and may be too much for young children to see.
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    Congratulations on the new member of your family! Darling boy! Wish my boys baby pic was half as cute LOL! Mine had this very surprised look on his face (thanks to having a flash bulb go off in his face)
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    We have premature labor! The first chick started peeping at 2300 last night. It was so hard leaving for work today.

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