Minor cuts


7 Years
Apr 7, 2012
What do you do for minor cuts and scratches on your chickens. I have an 8 week old roo that had a small (I say small) gash on his leg just above his foot. The next day, I could barely see it. That was a few days ago, and today I saw the gash had opened again. I shouldn't be worried about it should I? It doesn't bother him, and seems to scab over well, but I want it to heal.
The recuperative/healing powers of chickens are remarkable. For small cuts, nicks, pecks I do nothing. Even larger wounds generally heal readily with the only necessary care being to keep them free of maggot infestation.
Just apply some antibiotic cream and make sure the rest of the flock don't peck the wounds. I read somewhere that chicks can recover from brain injuries. They are remarkable little survivors!

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