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  1. cqranch

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    Aug 26, 2008
    Went to the Jacobs Cave swap today. Not alot of quality birds there today. Mostly older hens that looked to be at the end of their laying. Combs were lightish pink to almost white. And they were still asking $7-8 for them. Saw a few very nice RIR and Sex link pullets for $12, but I didn't need any of those. Found a gorgeous Black Australorp Roo though, bought him as a trio with one BA hen and another BA cross hen for $20. Black Bart is his new name. [​IMG]
  2. needmorechickens!

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    Jul 2, 2008
    West TN
    Black Bart!....that's a cool name for a BA!
  3. cqranch

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    Aug 26, 2008
    Oh yeah.. forgot to mention, as I was leaving there was a family loading a llama into a mini van through the sliding side door. Darn thing walked right in. There were like 6 people on the family so not sure how they all rode home in there.
  4. OzarkCountryGirl

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    Apr 27, 2008
    Ozark Highlands
    Gotta luv Jacob's Cave...only I wasn't able to go this year. [​IMG]
    Oh well, there's always next year, right? [​IMG]

    Speaking of Llamas, on more than one occasion a friend of mine has hauled llamas in the back of their Suburban. The critters just lay down in the back and ride with their heads over the middle seats. Funniest thing I ever saw! [​IMG]
  5. dougandlesa

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    Nov 6, 2008
    My husband and I had chickens we bought from Griffith's Hatchery in Fulton and a couple prize chickens from the State Fair (Jerry Hartel out of Paris, MO). The Griffith's babies were so beautiful and growing so fast.

    We went to Jacob's Cave and had a great time. He bought two game hens and I bought about 36 Red Roosters (not very old).

    However, I don't mean to be a downer for everyone, but just would like to warn you guys about buying from swaps. About a month after getting the Reds, all of my chickens were sick and dying. We lost almost half of our flock. In addition, my mom was raising out 21 cornish cross for us to dress. The disease wiped out all of them, plus several of the Reds as well.

    The chicken's were sneezing, coughing, gasping for air, and their eyes matted over and shut.

    I had the Dept of Ag, Poultry Health Division come out and the lady took one of my dead Buff's and a sick live one to the Vet School at the Univ of Missouri in Columbia. She called me to tell me that my babies had ILT and were MG+. Although some of the chicken's are now back healthy, they will always be carriers and any new chickens I bring in will get sick.

    This weekend my husband and I will be destroying our whole flock to control the disease. (We have neighbors with chickens and can't take a chance on them getting it). We have to disinfect everything and lime the dirt where the chickens were so we can start from scratch next year.

    I am sick about this. .. especially losing Rascally Rooster, Wimpy Rooster, Charmin, and Foghorn-Leghorn.

    Please know that my husband and I don't blame Jacob's Cave and will be attending next year. The chicken's looked healthy when we bought them. And the owners of Jacob's Cave does have inspector's on site. I do believe the seller at Jacob's Cave knew the chicken's were sick, though. Problem is, I don't know their name and we always pay with cash as I don't like to give out checks.

    For me, I will only by from a hatchery from now on. I just can't go through the heartbreak of seeing them suffer again.

    Plus, I would like others to be aware of what happened to us so you will know to be cautious about buying at any swap. Definitely wasn't worth the $18 I spent for those roosters to lose my whole flock.

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