Mistakes I Made In My Quailing Experince. 7 Things You Can Do To Avoid Learning The Hard Way!

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    ~1. Using a heat pad for brooding.
    This is by far the worst mistake I have ever made while raising quail. The heat pad is fine when raising ducks or chickens but it is a death trap for quail. So I'll be honest with you I have only raised two quail. Ever. 1 Coturnix and 1 Button. The brooder I was using killed the rest. NEVER: Use a heat pad, always use a heating lightbulb. Orange and red give of the most heat. Don't use a neon bulb because they don't produce any heat.

    ~2. Running the brooder/incubator on limited power.
    This costed quite a few chicks their lives. We live in the middle of nowhere so have very limited power. The heat pad and limited power were a disasterous combo. NEVER: run a brooder and a incubator on limited power.

    ~3. Just dumping quail in a small unsafe cage.
    This was the first mistake I ever made. The first issue was when I got my button quail pair. I had a cheap cage from some supplier that we hadn't used in forever. So when I bought them home I dumped them in that. I learnt the hard way. NEVER: Put your quail in an unsafe cage.

    ~4. Bringing quail out of their cage in an unsafe area.
    I lost my male button Elijah this way. They were a feral pair I got from a pet shop. I didn't think they could fly because of their tiny wingspan. The first time I got him out to clip his claws. And he darted away. I quickly closed the cage and raced to retreive him. I found him in an old beebox. I think he was a little stunned from his first flight so grabbed him and put him away. The second time I was feeding them so he just slinked past me. And flew off. His mate was nesting at the time and when he left she was very distressed. NEVER: Bring your quail out or feed them in an unsafe spot. Always have a feeding door.

    ~5. Having unsafe latches.
    This was how I lost my button hen. The latch was a bit of wood that you turned to realease the door. Anyway, apparently mums Doberman x Mastiff had been watching me. At night he pushed the latch and killed her. He crushed all her eggs as well. NEVER: Have unsafe latches like that. Always use good quality ones.

    ~6. Feeding your quail with no true calcium.
    This caused my coturnix quail to lay some very interesting eggs. If you don't give your quail good calicium they will lag odd eggs. The first weird egg had no shell and no yolk. It was just the inner shell and white weird. The second was snow white with brown spots .normal, but in the brown spots there was fluro green splodges. I did some research and this was from calcium deffciency. NEVER: Feed your quail gamebird feed alone. Always use 3 cups of their food by on cup blood and bone. Make sure the blood and bone is non medicated.(If you feel bad about feeding your quail ground up sheep then do it the hard way and grind eggshells as find as sand.

    ~7. Buying pet shop quail.
    I bought a coturnix quail "Female" at the closest pet shop. Turns out it was a male(We didn't know that yet). We gave "her" quarrantine and then popped it in with the others. And then It started fighting with my male. I broke up the fight and then vent-sexed it to check. Yep it was a male. I wanted to get it rfunded. But by then my 4 year old sister lucy had grown attached to it. And because it was white she started calling it ice-cream. I let her keep it. We rang the pet shop and they said it had been laying eggs. Maybe It's confused.
    NEVER: Buy quail from a pet shop. Unless you can get all their imformation don't buy them. Try find a breeder near you.

    Hope You Learnt Something~Feather Hearts
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    I had a female pharaoh that would crow like a male....every time she laid an egg.
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