mite-less bedding?


Dec 2, 2017
hi all, i was wondering what the best option of bedding would be for my chickens that would discourage mites and other bugs.
a dust bath would help keep mites away. also garlic juice 10% mix with water 90% and spray on chickens that have mites 2 times a week for multiple weeks until gone.
I use shavings right now in my coop and before I bust up the new shavings I clean the old ones out and then dust the coop floor with food grade diatomaceous earth. Keeps the ants and other bugs out as well!:celebrate Very easy just dust the floor and you should be good to go! (Just use a mask when putting it in there so you don’t breathe any in) The chickens will be fine with it because it’s under the shavings!
Use shavings and plant materials, not sand. :old
If you live in a very warm dry climate, have four hens, and love to scoop poop daily, maybe sand is for you. Otherwise, it's a poor choice as bedding.
do you guys think i should do pavers/construction sand for the bedding?
Pretty hard to answer this question without more info.
There are many kinds of bedding that work,
but not in all situations or for all people and birds.

From scanning your posts, and your screen name and avatar,
it looks like you have quail and pigeons, but not chickens?
Do your bird have mites now?...or are you just trying to prevent them?

Please add your general location to your profile,
it's easy to do, will help garner better answers/solutions,
then it's always there!:

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