mixed breeds not getting along


8 Years
Jan 6, 2012
We have have 2 yr old sex links and barred rock hens that have been together since baby chicks. Just started to notice them not getting along so well. Sex links to have more of an attitude than the barred rocks. Do some breeds go through a chnge in behavior as they get older. Our older flock of 5 yrs is mixed with 4 different breeds with no problems as mentioned before.
I think that hormones play a part in behavior. It seems that our hens (of different breeds) get along better when they are actively laying. After molting, they are downright cranky.
I'm new to chickens but I've noticed this too. Different breeds, different temperments. I think next time, I will get all of one breed and see how that goes.
I have Barred Rocks, EE's, Orpingtons, Sussex, Americaunas, a Wyandotte and an Australorp and they all get along fine. I do admit though, that I have deliberately stayed away from Production breeds and Rhode Island Reds because I've read that they tend to be stronger personalities.

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