Mixed Egglaying Results


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11 Years
Oct 15, 2008
Southeastern Ohio
I have a question. We split an order of Buffs with the neighbor a half a mile away. They were hatched in late April. Our Buffs are in with Barreds that are 2 months older than the Buffs. The Buffs here have been laying for at least a month now. The neighbor's Buffs haven't even started. Her Buffs are also the only ones she has. So what can be the cause for the difference? Just wondering. Welcome any input and observations. Thanks!
Thanks Den in Penn. We both free range but ours are let out later in the day. There is always feed & water available for them in the hen house. We get egg-layer mash from a feed mill up in Amish country. I think the neighbor feeds hers Purina Layena. Also her hens are out all day. I just found out she found an egg out in a bundle of leaves so at least one that is laying!

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