"Mixed Goats" 4 Sale. Mom's reducing her herd. C. FL


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Central Florida
My mom needs to sell off 9 of her goats (reducing herd). You actually have 12 to choose from.

4 are fixed males, and the rest are females.
Ages range from yearling to 3 years old.
3 are a large goat (alpine mix), *midnight, rootbeer, cola*
2 of the females and 1 of the males is a lamancha/nubian mix. (but they have the lamancha ears) *buttons, bows, chocolate*
3 females and 2 males are angora mix and some have longer hair then others *patches,snow, caramel, salt, pepper *
Some are more friendly then others, but all will come to a bag of potato chips.

All get their CDT shot yearly and wormer and hoof trims as needed.

Please call 352-793-6731 to come see them.

My mom is only available from today til 10/3. after that, it's iffy if we can catch the goats for her.
Midnight and patches have had babies before.

Asking 75 ea

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