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Apr 16, 2014
Central NY
I have 4 older chickens and a rooster that only occasionally lay eggs, so I wanted some new babies to give me more. I got 13 Chicks last Saturday and on Monday a woman that I work with got 3 Silkies for her daughter at tractor supply, well I have always said they are adorable so I got the other 3. I plan on keeping my younger chickens away from the older because the older chickens are very Cliquey and don’t want them being mean to my new babies.... will my new layers be mean to my Silkies as they all get older and bigger? (Most of the new layers are Rhode Island Reds) any info would be appreciated!
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You can mix just about any breed as long as they have plenty of space and aren't allowed to get bored. Integrate them slowly, observe them carefully to nip bullying behavior in the bud, and isolate any birds that show excessive signs of aggression long enough that their position in the pecking order has been forgotten. When they start fresh, they'll be less likely to harass their smaller flockmates.

Every breed is an individual. Some Silkies are sassy, some Rhodies are docile. You won't know until you try. :)
They are all still really small chicks so I have them together now just wasnt sure if as they grow they will start bullying the Silkies
If they all grow up together, they should get along just fine. Like I said, regardless of breed, there is always the risk you'll get a bully. Just deal with that as it happens.

You'll just have to keep an eye on them as they get older. Silkies are one of the breeds that do tend to get picked on the most. Having lots of space is very important. As they mature, they might all be fine together, but if the silkies start getting picked on, you'll need to have a separate space for them.

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