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Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Here's the little one, having some breakfast this morning. I lifted her off the nest and she took a long time to come out of her trance, best part of 20 minutes. But once she was active, she drank, ate, pooped and bathed before going back. I'll lift her off the nest again at dinner time.

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Oh, gosh! That's a long time to take to come out! Glad you are keeping a close eye on her!


Crossing the Road
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Dec 24, 2018
Adelaide, South Australia
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Such a pretty girl. Poor thing. I have never understood the sit on nothing but I guess she just can't help it. You are doing great with her.
Oh thanks. Because I've broken with conventional wisdom I'm worried about her survival.

I've started placing her on my lap while she comes around. It gives me a chance to consider her weight and it seems to bring her around sooner.

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