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Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
It started off with me sharing the joy of eating the hen's eggs one day. Folks were interested in the tea and teacups. So for a few months I did photos of weekend breakfasts with a different teacup each time until the whole collection had been shared. Then I stopped but folks wanted more, so I've kept going. I tried encouraging others to share their breakfasts but it didn't catch on very well, although Bob has shared a couple of delightful shots of Mrs ByBob using her teacups, which I was grateful for because that was when I understood the appeal of my breakfasts. So i try to continue on but sometimes I forget. I'm still super-keen to see other people's breakfasts though 😛 if they're not too shy about their kitchen tables.
Well , I'd love to share....but the state of my kitchen table forbids.

Also, I'm lazy as anything.... :oops:


Crossing the Road
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Jul 2, 2019
Smith County TN
Thank you. Today was a splendid day and I caused no trouble at work for once @Grammy60
No trouble at all 🤔

I caused so much trouble Thursday and Friday that I am now watching (I was going to say enjoying but that would not be nice) the chaos i created. I expect that this Thursday and Friday will be more mischief making on my part based upon the meetings on my calendar. That should soften them up enough to be ready to listen to good sense when next week rolls around. This is the current plan of action. 😁
Sounds like a plan 😊 we wait in anticipation 😁👍

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