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Dec 24, 2018
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I'm actively looking for her replacement. I have discovered I have they ability to turn people off. It's only something I recently started to do. I'm still professional towards her at work, but there is no small talk or sharing personal stories.

It's my way of self preservation. I've explained everything to my boss and he is completely understanding and thankful that I keep it professional. I could very easy verbally attack her just as she did to me, but that serves no purpose.
Such a shame. I hope she's a young person who can learn to do better, otherwise she may always be a nightmare in a workplace, and that's not good for her (or anyone else).

Thinking about your situation has made me grateful that I work in a large organisation with workloads and relationships carefully allocated. And people with unprofessional attitudes are kept so busy they don't get a chance to ruin anything. People with great attirudes keep themselves hectic voluntarily because the organisation values outreach without directly allocating it to anyone. This is how I ended up on one too many committees and boards :gigah well, at least I get to see and do interesting things through my outreach work. And I've earned my upline's approval to apply for promotion next year, so that's good too.

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