MJ's little flock


First of her name, mother of chickens.
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Mar 30, 2019
NSW, Australia
They seem to have worked it out already! Clever chookies.
They did spend a considerable amount of time outside the tent, alternately panting and not panting. Charlie and Tegan laid this morning (and the nesting boxes were hot!) Nyssa had three goes in the nesting box, I was starting to worry she might get egg-bound! The third time I left her to it as it was less hot, but found the egg out in the open, a big hole in it and the contents eaten (and I know she did, I saw yolk on her beak later!) So at least it came out. The southerly came through in the afternoon and it cooled down considerably. It was 38C today and it’s supposed to be 21C tomorrow!


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Jan 24, 2019
New Bloomfield, PA

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