Mold In The Bathroom...


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
I think I have a problem bigger than I thought.

This morning while using the bathroom I noticed along the floor board white mold. I took a closer look and you can see about a 2 inch thick and 12 inch long dark area. The mold covering some of the area. This isnt a furry mold either..

I have a large garden tub and a shower in there. I put the babes in the tub with like little hotwheels and small metal tractors. Well the other day I realized they put a small crack in it. Its above the water line but I still think water can get back there and cause problems. My SO says hell just caulk it but I think the whole tub needs replacing. At the base of the tub the clear caulk has mostly peeled off and is constantly getting a dark red/black stain (which Im guessing is some form of mold..).

We are always often getting a dirt kind of smell coming from our cabinets. On the side by the tub you can see where the water has bowed the side of the wood (which is some kind of cheap wood the builders installed.. You know that kind that gets wet and furry like...). There is also a few blue spots in the damaged area.

I think we have a bigger problem then my SO thinks we do. Im wanting to rip out the tub and the linoleum to make sure that the mold isnt going into the floors building up behind the empty areas behind that tub and in our walls.

I dont want to get in there and do $1000s worth of damage to see if we have mold problems and it turns out we dont.
Is there a way I can check for it in places?
Does HO insurance cover mold?
What can I do with the mold I see now?
Not sure an easy way to find out other than rip it up. Not sure about HO ins. either. But, if you put bleach (or dilute bleach) on the mold, it'll kill it. Also, if it is a water pipe leak causing it, then once the water source is gone, it'll go away. Regarding the crack, you can get tub repair kits at Home Depot. It is a small box (~3"x3"x2") and they make them for fiberglass and procelain tubs. Basically, it's a patch kit. It works great! I used it several years ago for our Master bath tub (couple of chips that were clearly holes and water DID get into them) and we haven't had a problem since! In fact, we ripped up our linoleum afterwards to put in tile and saw no evidence of water (nor on the other side of the wall from the tub (in the dining room).
Mold is so bad for you and the kiddlets. If you have a leak that had been at it for awhile, my bet is that you right about the very real problem you are facing. I take it that you are living in a manufactured home? If that is a case it is very important to get any water leaks fixed ASAP! The materials that are use in that kind of construction will not handle being exposed to any kind of water damaged. I hope you are successful in getting the problem fixed soon.

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