Molting hen acting strange


7 Years
May 19, 2015
My Leghorn hen is in the midst of molting, nearly naked at this point, and it's cold out. My concern is that she is walking sideways and backwards - acting really strange, and when she walks she lifts each foot up high before putting them down. I checked her feet to see if they showed signs of mites and I didn't see any indication. With her having so few feathers I thought maybe the walking sideways and backwards had something to do with the cold air hitting her bare skin. She eats well, drinks her water and seems to poop with no difficulty, but the new feathers are just spikes right now and am hoping that as the fluff out and she's warmer this funny walk will stop. I am really concerned about her, don't want her to be in any distress, but this unusual behavior has me very worried. Any answers, suggestions, help of any kind would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

PS - I am feeding her "Feather Fixer" food - read it's good for molting hens. She eats it with no problem.
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I would gove her some rooster booster and see if its a vitamin deficiency, if that and when she done molting if she not better i would suspect a neulogical issue.
Since it started so quickly, and seemed to be when her feathers were all missing, I thought the connection was the lack of heat. If "Rooster Booster" is a vitamin supplement, I can try that, is it safe for the other two chickens? (I hope it's not just for roosters!) It does seem to be worse each day. Thank you for your reply.
Molting can bring up some issues. I have a old hen that switches to a strange rooster-like voice every year. For her every molt is a rollercoster ride when it comes to the hormone levels. And I had some girls with really bad molts that shiverd heavily and had issues with walking, too, so I took them in. A warm quite place and some vitamines and extra treat and the feathers and balance were back again. It turned out that they had worms and maybe the worms were the reason that they had problems building up the feathers. I put dewormer into the water on a regular basis every three month or so, but not every bird seems to drink enough of the stuff.
After posting my question, I went to the local Co-Op and got some stuff from a company called "Rooster Booster". It's a vitamin supplement that I can give all three in their feeder. I am hoping that helps, and I also got some Mite Dust to use in their coop, in their bedding. I didn't see signs of mites but figure that, just like the vitamins, it sure can't hurt. I'd love to bring her into the house until the feathers fill in, but that's a problem, of course. The coop is in a protected area and the Amerucanas sit on each side of her at night, so think they're sharing the warmth. I do hope the vitamins help her. Hate to think that it's a neurological problem. It has only been this last week, when the molt is at it's worst. Maybe that's what it is, Bine. Thanks for your input!!

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