Molting in First Year?


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Aug 8, 2011
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Okay, so I've heard many times over that chickens molt in their second year.. However, I have a young Easter Egger pullet (born March 4th 2012) and she is molting NOW. Heavily. No eggs and is very moody with the cockerels who try to mate her.

So it's not usual, but is it a bad thing? I have a cockerel who was born early January and he is molting as well (as are 2 Khaki Campbell ducks born the same time).

I checked her for mites/lice to see if she was under stress. Nothing. She is a really good at taking dust baths - so that helps take care of any possible parasites like that (I keep poultry dust in with black earth for them to self administer).

Also I wormed them 2 weeks ago. No predator attacks.. She is in good weight and is not showing any signs of anything other than molting.
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I've had a few odd balls that molted around 9 months old. It doesn't appear to affect them negatively, just stinks when you want eggs for the winter.

Sometimes you just have to have the ONE that has to defy all the rules.

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