MORE NEW Pics Malay-LFCornish-BJG*Hatching Eggs- PA- For Sale or Trade


11 Years
Feb 4, 2009
Northwestern Pennsylvania

Malays- Large Fowl SQ
Terms:I fell in love with these birds in book pictures and HAD to have them. I'll try to get better pics 'cause this really doesn't do them justice. All of them are either birds that were shown by former owner or are from top breeding birds. Two of the hens are not pullets and they are laying pretty steady now. Fertility is improving now so I feel comfortable offering eggs. The first eggs of the season did not develop.






Black Jersey Giant Rooster

Terms:This is the dominant rooster in the pen "Sampson". He is a fine sturdy broad backed fellow with a calm disposition.

Jersey Giant Rooster and Hen
Terms:I have two different lines - both lines are young birds under a year old. The biggest rooster suffered some frost bite this winter but we have eggs in the 'bator developing right now. I haven't started hard culling because the birds aren't fully mature.

White Laced Red Cornish Large Fowl SQ I actually blew the engine on my car driving eight hours from home to to get these birds. It was SO worth it. He is only 9mos. in this pic & look at that chest!
Terms:limited hatching eggs available - there are only two pullets of laying age at this time so no more than four or five at once.

My wish list for trades is other high quality Malay or Large Fowl Cornish or Jersey Giants. No hatchery stock please. Might be willing to accept other eggs in trade as I am addicted to poultry.
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