Most Underrated Poultry Breed, Variety, or Species In Your Opinion?


Nov 9, 2020
Northwestern MT, US
Hello, this can include waterfowl, galliformes, or if you really want, parrots, parakeets, softbills, or other birds of your choice, for absolutely any reason. Hey, go ahead and stick a mammal or plant in there if you’d like!
This is completely for fun so go wild!

If anybody’s curious, I think Hookbill ducks, Vorwerk chickens, most pheasants, Domestic turkeys, and turacos are underrated for pets and as ornamental birds.
Rhode Island Red, we hatched some about a year ago and they were the sweetest and some of the most prettiest chickens I have come upon. I know some people keep them but I don’t notice a lot of people keeping Rhode Island Reds. I am interested in seeing other peoples opinions.

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