Mottled Java Dead- any help with symptoms?

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I just lost my 19 month old Mottled Java, Bean. I am at a loss for exactly what was going on with her as nothing I researched seemed to prove conclusive.
    My hunch is that she had something from the start internally whether it is reproductive or possibly cancer?
    When my girls were pullets in the late fall last year she stopped laying and acted as if she was broody but not doing all of the classic broody signs. She was going in the boxes and making noises but never making an egg and staying in there a bit but not all day and no other signs really. I thought she might have been bound so I brought her in and soaked her and fed her inside and after a day or two she went back out and since she has laid about an egg a month or so.
    Recently I went out to the pen to close the door between the coop and pen and she was still outside in the corner of the pen. I took her inside and placed her on the roost. This occurred each night for a few days and I saw that she struggled to jump up. she struggled to jump up on the ramp too. However, she was generally acting fine other than keeping to herself somewhat but that had become normal for her since last year ( which she had been somewhat of a busy bird early on).
    Her appetite was normal, she drank and she came to food with no problems moving from what I could tell.
    I started to notice her poop was green.
    I noticed her keel bone was more prominent and she was much lighter when I picked her up.
    I brought her inside and crated her last week and started feeding her yogurt and giving her poly vi sol. She seemed to perk up I gave her dried meal worms and regular food and grit too. Her poop had undigested feed in it. When I opened up the crate she came out and greeted me like she always had.
    She had poop on her butt feathers from laying down and pooping.
    The night before last I notice mild labored breathing as well as in the AM. I decided to soak her and wash off the poop.
    She seemed to perk up then too. When I took her out to dry her she she was OK I put a hair dryer on low and she didn't freak out though in a minute or so she started to preen herself and then shuttered and bent her neck closed her eyes and stopped breathing in my hands.
    I searched her poop from the day I noticed something and never saw any sign of worms. I have searched all my girls for signs of mites and nothing.
    I dust everything with DE and rather inconsistently use garlic and ACV (they do not seem to like the water with the garlic and once I started on the regimen my father has been changing the water for me as I cared for my newborn, wife and mother recovering from surgery so I was thankful they had fresh food and water.)

    Any thoughts?

    I am thinking its a good time to deworm the other girls just in case and maybe use a poultry dust even though I don't see mites and am raising them naturally.

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