Mottled pekin bantam rooster- Essex, England


Mar 19, 2021
My Coop
My Coop
I have a young boy I bought as a chick from a place that wasn't so nice. He was overcrowded, muddy and smelly.

He now lives with his younger chick friend and has lots of healthy food, water, and grass to run around in. He lives in a in-coop brooder, so is used to outdoor temperatures. Hs name is Oreo

He is such an amazing chick. He loves to sleep on my hand, jump on my back, and he always has the zoomies when he sees me about to open their enclosure!

Right now he is around 4 weeks old, and I am unable to keep him when he grows. I was told I could take him back to the farm I bought him from, but I wish to rehome him to a loving home, not a overcrowded, dirty farm.
I will be willing to raise him and integrate him with his small chick friend, so that she isn't lonely. Then rehome him.
if you're interested please PM me?


Here's a video with him in. You can see his personality here. (Skip to 2 minutes)

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