Mountain Peeps's Chat Thread...Continued!

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    I never knew you could get blueberry ones :eek:
  2. TroyerGal

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    You can get different kinds.... I think they sell them online
  3. Please pray for my dad to get home safely after he gets out from work at 3:00PM. The roads are getting so bad up here because of the blizzard that the MN Department of Public Safety has pulled the plows off of the roads because the drivers can't even see. So that means my dad will be driving home 37 miles in a minivan without four wheel drive that's running on 5 cylinders, on unplowed roads. My friend's mom even went into the ditch driving home from work because she couldn't see the road, (thank goodness someone stopped and helped pull her Suburban out)
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    Jul 26, 2014
    Oh wow! :eek: I really hope he makes it home safely! :hugs :hugs

  5. First song I thought of when I saw this post was "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy........then I realized you guys were talking about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. :lol:

  6. Yeah. [​IMG] Thanks, me too! :hugs :fl
  7. What our yard looks like today:


    (Keep in mind that there was no snow on the ground until 8:00PM-9:00PM yesterday night, which was when the blizzard started. We even had green mom was mowing the lawn yesterday. :lol: )
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  8. Athaid

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    I hope he gets back okay.
  9. Athaid

    Athaid Chillin' With My Peeps

    Haha :lol:

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