Mouse, my dutch bantam (or at least i think is a dutch lol)

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    Jan 8, 2012
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    When our order first arrived the third week in February a majority of the chicks were dead/dying. Well a few days later we decided to see what breeds ended up making it (we got an assortment of bantams, polish, and Brahmas). There was about 10 bantams all of the small ones were OEGBs except one. When we saw how small the chick was we were surprised she made it at all. I mean if big chicks were dying because of the cold or the sudden change of heat to is a teeny chick suppose to live through that. She was about half the size of a Wyandotte bantam, maybe even smaller [​IMG]:

    She was covered in yolk and was constantly chirping because she was too cold (only one that was chirping and everyone else acted like it was the perfect temp....) When we tried washing off the yolk we ended up soaking her with water and had to dry her off over a heater. She eventually dried off and was still complaining it was too cold...and everyone probably thought she was crazy. Someone our little Mouse lived and now is about 6 weeks [​IMG] and is smaller than a week old turkey....:

    I am still unsure weather or not she is a dutch but i though i should share how hardy even the smallest chicks can be.

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