Moving different breeds outside?

juliet carter

May 29, 2017
So I have a question about moving our pullets outside to join our established flock. A bit of background- We have four hens that are a year old in a small coop outside. We have seven pullets all different breeds in a brooder in our dining room. The pullets range in age from 5 weeks to almost 6 weeks. Most of the pullets seem fully feathered and ready to go outside but we have two bantams a Polish and a Silkie that don't seem ready. Should I introduce the four biggest pullets to our big girls and then introduce the bantams in a few weeks? Or should we wait and bring everyone outside at the same time? We will also be moving all of the chickens into a bigger coop. Does it make sense to move the pullets into the new coop before the older birds? Thanks for any insight you can give me.

Mrs. K

Free Ranging
13 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
The more chicks introduced at one time, the less any single chick will get pecked on. Pecking takes energy, and it spreads the pecking out over more. Personally, I had mine out at 3 weeks. I would think at 5 weeks this time of year, they would be more than ready.

Do have hide outs, safe zones and multiple feeders. Mrs K

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