Moving Keets outside?


Jun 8, 2015
Culpeper, VA
Hello All. I received my first-ever batch of 12 keets from the Cackle Hatchery on the 19th of May, so they're basically barely 3 weeks old. We have just moved them from the brooder (4'x2'x2' steel tub) into a larger dog kennel (6'x6'x10') in the garage - same method we used for graduating our chickens to bigger and better things... anyway, I do have a coop for them outside, separate from the chickens because we don't let the chickens free-range.

My question is, when, or at what age, I should say, should I move them into their "permanent" home in the new coop, out in the yard? I know they are clearly not ready yet, but there are a few things that need to get done before they are ready, so I'm just wanting to make sure I have my... ehh... ducks lined up, so to speak.
Hmmmm.... My keets are a week old and they are already flying out of their brooder "box." I am keeping them inside our RV for lack of a better place :rolleyes: and last night, when I went in to check on them, one was MIA! I found it sleeping on the floor in front of the fridge. I put it back into the box and put bird netting over the top ... BUT! I did not open the netting completely, just until it was one long folded strip and zig zagged it across the top. There was a small space, just below the heat lamp, that was not covered. Wouldn't you know, when I checked on them this morning, that lil nugget was out again!!! :barnie And it had been exploring because there were "presents" all over the counter and even down on the first step next in front of the door! That's what I get for brooding keets in the RV!! lol. <sigh> Anywahy, it was trying to ESCAPE!!! I guess they're going to have to go in their run since they are so eager to fly!! But they seem so little to be outside already! :confused:

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