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Does anyone have any experience with the breed quality of chickens from mypetchicken as well as how good they are at correctly sexing baby chicks? Thank you.
They get their chicks from Meyer hatchery so if you check out their birds you'll see what you'll get from MPC....altho most hatcheries don't use pictures of their own birds.
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Being a hatchery, I doubt the bird quality is very good. If you want show birds, pick a breeder instead.
My Pet Chicken gets their chicks from Meyer Hatchery. I was not expecting very good birds from Meyer, but they turned out to be very nice. Some of my birds from Meyer actually won in my County Fair ( Yes I know it was only a county fair, but there were over 100 Birds just in the American class. We have a big county). Their barred rocks are very good, I got one that was rather ugly though. Their Rhode Island Reds are nice, but are slightly skinny. We had no dead chicks in the box, but one was sick and died later. One death ought of 32 chicks is O.K. with me. Their sexing was 100% acurate for me.

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I am very pleased w/ MYPETCHICKEN. I ordered 1 Golden Campine, 1 Black Sumatra, and 1 Buff Laced Polish (She has the darnest big crest i've seen from a hatchery bird!) .
They r all pretty good, they actually won ribbons in the California National Show in Stockton this year. Campine=2nd Polish=2nd Sumatra=0
The sumatra isn't the best, but still very pretty. At the time i didn't know that they got them from meyer.... but so far do good. the campine is such a sweetheart. i wish they had silver campines... they r on my chicken wish list!
I'm very happy with mine. I don't plan on showing so didn't care about "show quality". What I got are friendly birds who started laying right at 5 months and within 2 weeks had settled into an "egg-a-day" routine. And 100% accuracy on sexing.
The sexing was 100% accurate for me as well, and now that all eight are laying I'm getting an average of six eggs every day. I don't know enough about chickens to really judge the quality, but all of them are recognizable as the breeds that they are supposed to be, and based on the pictures that I've seen posted here are average, although not spectacular birds.
Very pleased with my 26 brown egg layer mix from MPC. 100% sex accuracy, 5 breeds and started laying at 4 1/2 months I have had 19 to 24 eggs a day all winter. Even 26 eggs on two days! I have no idea how to judge the quality.
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I split an order from MPC last fall.
I ordered 7, she ordered 9
I ended up w/ 1 cockeral, but he was beautiful, and has been rehomed. My pullets are healthy.

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