Mr. E or Miss Turry?

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Mar 12, 2018
Hello all.
I recieved this chick from a friend when it was days old. She rescued it from being snake food but didn’t know about the source. Originally we thought it may be a autosex or sex linked breed because of how young it was, but couldn’t make a good guess until some feathers came in. Now I am guessing maybe an EE, maybe roo, but I am reaching out on here to see if any of you might recognize the feather color and patterning/comb to sex?
Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

Yes, the waddle size looks like it will develop into a cockerel. Though the comb is still small and I'm not seeing red yet.

It is not an EE, as they have pea combs, not straight. I'm thinking it might be a mix breed. Definitely a little cutie! :love

I don't recognize it as sex linked or an auto sexing breed... but I learn something new everyday. :pop
Thanks for your reply. That’s what I was thinking too. Initially we guessed it was someone trying to cull the autosexng males. Then we realized there is still a market for them and they can be lucrative. It makes more sense that the breeder hatching out barnyard mixes purely for snake food probably wasnt worried about the sex.
If it helps I forgot to mention in my OP that he/she is around 5 weeks and feathering slower than my Rhodebar who is a few days younger. He/ is rather talkative. This weekend we moved adoptive mama and baby back into the big coop. The next morning my other cockrell (6-7 month Spangled Hamburg) crowing for the first time.

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