Mr. Goose threw a tantrum, and hurt himself!


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
My MIL came over to help me create a perennial bed in front of my house, and Mr. Goose (chinese Gander) wouldn't stop sneaking up behind her and trying to 'Goose' her. So I picked him up, and put him (alone
) in one of the pens by the pond. Usually occupied at night by Mrs. Goose, but empty during the day. Anyway, he raised a ruckus, but we ignored his honks, and after 2 hours, my MIL was done, and she left. I went down to let Mr. Goose out, and as I swung the door open, I could see blood all over the inside bottom part of the door. He apparently spent the 2 hours clawing the front door, and tore out one of his fingernails, which then he dragged all over the door, still trying to scratch. AND he scraped him his head bump pretty badly too, and bruised the top of his bill (i think he stuck it through the chicken wire further than it would comfortably go... repeatedly. So I carried him up to the house, bandaged his poor foot, stuck a sock on it, velcro-d the sock to his leg, (velcro garden ties!), and hope that he's stopped bleeding by morning. The lesson I have learned, is that If he goes in time out again, I'll give him his ducks to keep him company. I think he was just really worried about them, and wanted to get out to herd them around like he always does. I just wish he didn't want to eat people so much...
WOW!! How could you predict something like that??? Poor Mr Goose.

I too wish my geese would be lovely yard candy greeting my guests, who would oooh and ahhhh over their stately beauty. Nope, the guests usually end up beating a retreat while I grab Petey and carry him back to the pen. I always put Petey Girl in with him, they are more attached to each other than the chickens and ducks, but I can totally see myself doing what you did.

I had a goose who lost his toenail and it never did grow back, but his foot was healthy. I've seen some pretty beat up bills too that healed just fine. Amazing how much they can bleed from something that doesn't look very vascular.
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