MUCUS in EYE now FOAMY, SNORING, breathing thru beak, runny nose

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    I know there are many posts w similar symptoms & several possible causes. Have spent hrs researching but haven't seen if anyone has recovered. Also even with recovery how do i know if it will be safe to put w others?. Already treating a lame 4 mth pullet that only goes out for a few hrs a day.

    1) TYPE: banty pekin pullet, age approx 1 mth; got Sun. 8/30/09

    2) BEHAVIOR: good attitude & doesn't act sick; not very active but in limited space.
    MON. Left EYE - covered w mucus, cd shake off. Skin around eye is puffy. BREATHING -congested, opening beak some.

    TUES. EYES Skin around left eye red (prob fr rubbing) Right eye has a little mucus. BREATHING more thru mouth, can sounds like snoring. Afternoon - began treatment.

    WED. EYES - both foamy, bubbly; left much worse; BREATHING more thru mouth, NOSE - runny, clear; left side looks swollen, left nostril hole smaller than rt.

    THURS wont open eyes or perk up

    3) NO bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma.

    4) What happened that may have caused the situation:
    She had gotten wet in rain day before we got her- looked ok. She was in carrier in RV longer than planned (we were stranded) That night son noticed 1 eye was closed but thot she was sleepy. Was opening beak to breath but thot it was stress in new environment.

    5) EATING - grower changing to medicated chick starter; DRINKING -Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus, she is drinking a lot & eating ok

    6) How does the poop look? was a little pasty now soft

    7) TREATMENT : VetRx, Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus, Danactive for probiotics

    8) What is your intent as far as treatment?
    treat completely myself, cant afford vet right now

    9) If you have a picture of the wound or condition, please post it. camera broken

    10) HOUSING- had been in pen w other hens;
    NOW - laundry basket, wire grid on top for good ventillation (no draft) on puppy pads, soft paper towels & toilet paper layers.
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