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Oct 27, 2016
We are only allowed to sell to a licensed seller.

They are the only ones allowed to sell to Businesses or consumers. You must take an approved class to get the license... the catch is the state refuses to put one on.

The buyers were paying $20 a pound for black trumpets... then selling them for $60 to the high end restaurants...

I sent my extras to my brothers instead..
my province has weird laws when it comes to picking wild mushrooms. we can pick on any crown land (provincial forest) and the only permit we can get is a buyers camp license. but we can not pick on any provincial or federal parks or wild life areas and need permission on any private land.

and as far as could find nothing really there to prohibit some one from selling mushrooms to wholesale, buyers camps and even private.

but seems everyone here picks and takes there mushrooms to sell at farmers markets or on facebook.


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I will have to check those out . Spore print is white on mine .
I have no idea. I had never heard of “cabbage parachute” before the app spit it out.

I use the app as a starting point on a new mushroom and to confirm what I already now.

I have seen it make some fatal errors in identifying shrooms.
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