My 2 1/2 Month old Bronze Tom is attacking one of my chickens

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by MsRenaC, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Jul 3, 2019
    I have two Bronze turkeys, a tom and a hen, 2 1/2 months old, I got chickens at the same time, and have raised them all together and they have all gotten along quite famously! I was thrilled with how social they all were until yesterday. My Tom started first by pecking one of my chickens, not horribly at first just enough to get her off the roost, I didn't worry too much because he doesn't like to be crowded, then later in the day, he went after the same chicken, for no reason, i had to physically come between them and get him off of her, thankfully she just lost some feathers but came through it fine, but I did keep them separated for the rest of the day. Then we always let them free range in the evening so we sat outside and watched them all together and he totally ignored her and seemed fine so when it came time to put them up in their coop for the night I thought I would try to put them together, well, that was a mistake. Immediately I was able to get her away from him and push him back so again tonight they are all separated. He is not acting like this towards the other chickens, any thoughts? He has shown no aggression towards anyone ever. He never displayed towards her but he was as they say shooting red.
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    Because they were raised together, the turkeys do not understand that there is a difference between them and chickens.

    You will most likely have to keep your turkeys separated from the chickens because it is just a matter of time before he injures or kills some of them. Turkeys can have a very one track mind. When they get it in for another bird or animal or person, they will carry it too far.
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