My apologies to the WalMart shoppers...

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    ...who were affected by the mishap that occured while I was checking out last night. I didn't intend to be the cause of your WalMart Nightmare Story.

    While waiting in a slow-moving line to check out, I remembered that I needed a box of raisins. I told my big teen son to put our groceries on the conveyor when it was our turn, that I would be right back. But by the time I got back (without having found raisins) my son was standing to one side with our groceries in bags in our cart, and the cashier was ringing up the next lady's purchases.

    I assumed that the cashier had put our order on suspense, and was taking care of the next customer as she should. I asked the cashier where to find raisins, since they weren't anywhere I would expect to find them. She told me they were on the aisle with the chips (of course!) and I went back to find them. They were still difficult to locate, it took a bit of searching, but figuring I was only inconveniencing my own kids I wasn't concerned.

    When I got back to the checkout I saw that the lady behind me was now taking all her items back out of their bags and the cashier was scanning them one by one. I just thought that there was some trouble with her order, and prepared to wait. Meanwhile the line behind her was getting longer & longer, & everyone was not looking pleased.

    After scanning all the lady's bagged items, the cashier then turns to me and says "ok, now you want to add this item?" and reaches for my raisins to scan. That's when I realized to my horror that she had rung up that other lady's order along with mine, and had been re-scanning her items one by one in order to void them!

    I felt so bad, and embarassed, that I quickly paid and got out of there. Had I known what was going on I would have insisted that they void all of MY items so that this other lady wouldn't have to wait so long. She was in one of those motorized carts too, and had things like ice cream, butter, and a frozen turkey in her cart. I did apologize to her before leaving.

    I don't know why this happened, perhaps the cashier thought that we were all together. I know that in some stores a cashier can simply push a few buttons to put your order in suspense, and later bring it back to their own or another cash register when you're ready to pay. That is what I assumed that she did, but we all know what happens when you assume...

    So please accept my apologies, all of you who were affected that night, I didn't plan to be a feature in anyone's WalMart Nightmare Story!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The cashier pushes the suspend button and the CSM has to walk over to the register and approve the suspend. The items are then taken to the service desk awaiting the purchaser to return.

    What probably happened was the customer after you, probably pushed the divider out of the way and the cashier got confused. It happens alot more easily than you think. After hours of standing up and scanning items, it seems to go by in a blur after awhile.

    Just an honest mistake. Don't worry...if people can't get over a mistake, they need to grow up.
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    omg, so glad that was you, not me.. [​IMG]

    It's not your fault, things happen.. [​IMG]
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    Well! I had an important nail appointment that I missed because of you and your raisin desires!!!!

    Just kidding! Stuff happens, people need to take a deep breath and get some chickens. It wasn't your fault. And, I don't have nails... [​IMG]
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    I confess......... I get totally irritated when I am waiting in line and things like this happen. [​IMG]
    Sorry, but I do! I absolutely hate to shop, and even more..... I hate to wait in line.

    If I discover I have forgotten something, I check out what I have and go back. OR, I leave the checkout (with my basket of goods), I go get it, and then come back. I would never expect the checkout person to wait on me while I am wandering about the store looking for a product. Nope, I wouldn't do it. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Same here.. [​IMG]
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    I don't understand people who write checks in the "speedy checkout" or "express checkout" or whatever its called. Speedy should be cash or credit only, no food stamps or coupons.

    What part of writing a check by hand says SPEEDY. OR EXPRESS. You know what it says to me? DIE IN A FIRE.

    Needed a thing of laundry detergent the other day. That is what I had to checkout. 1 container of laundry detergent. Credit card in other hand. Went to speedy checkout. Dude with cart full of toys is in one lane. Lady with lots of food in another lane. Lady who is also checking out in last lane. Ooh, I will go there. Then I realize she is writing a check. Well, no biggie, normal people write at normal speeds......oh wait. Not this lady. Finally she writes it. And then goes to tear it out. And then flips back and forth to see if she has the duplicate as well. Then finally does tear it. Then hands it to the cashier. He needs her ID. She digs for her ID. He scans it and the computer does something and then she has to OK and sign on the the little screen. Very very slowly. Then cashier does something else. Then he asks for her phone number. Then they finally check out and GO AWAY OMG GOOD RIDDANCE.

    My checkout took approximately 12 seconds.

    By the way, by the time I was done all other checkout lanes were now empty. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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    wait... People wright checks at grocery stores?

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