My Baby Girls and Their New Home (Under Construction)

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I just uploaded a new video to YouTube of my chicks and the hen house my wife and I are building for them.

My explanation of the run area is less than stellar in the video, but basically I have it planned to run 12' from the left of the door, along the fence, then out 6' towards the fire pit, then 6' back towards the hen house and another 6' return towards the fence, which leaves us with a 2' wide x 6' long "entrance run to the 6x6x6 main area.

Since we have a lot of cats roaming the neighborhood, I plan on putting a top on the entire run, which will be made with the same 14 gauge (2"x4") galvanized welded wire.

My wife read something online about putting a floor in the hen house to keep rats from burrowing up into the hen house........Fact is, we have lived here from nearly 32 years and I have never seen a rat anywhere. However, I have seen a few possums (and there may be a raccoon or two around, though I have never seen 'em).

I have become very attached to the girls in the short time I have had them (something that even surprises me!) and I want to protect them as much as necessary.

Your advice and comments are very much welcome!

Can I suggest more ventilation. Nice plan and layout but with your heat, the birds will be using the coop for shade as much as sleeping and it looks like it's gonna be a hotbox for them. I doubt you want pre-cooked chickens laying hard boiled eggs
I agree. Great space for them to enjoy, but they will need a LOT more ventilation that that. They get overheated easily.
Well Heck, you can suggest all you want, since I am "Clueless In Vancouver"
However, I do plan on adding a couple of cut outs in the doors at either end and covering them with screening. I am just not sure what size to make the openings. I have about 36" of room between the framing for them.

Also, I am thinking about putting one of the openings up towards the top of the door and one down towards the bottom......Good Idea or not?

Thanks for the reply Bryan!

PS: I am not in Texas, I am in Vancouver Washington...."Texas Willie" is my "Performance name"....Have listen if you care to click this link.


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I would stick to ventilation only on the upper tops. Hot air goes up cold falls. In the winter the cold air would come in causing a draft. You need lots of ventilation. You can do cut outs on the upper walls and screen with hardware cloth not reg. screening to keep out preditors. The cut outs can be replaced in winter with screws and they will not give to much of a draft. Good luck and enjoy. Gloria Jean
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