My Black Sumatra Hens from Peachick(no pitchers yet)


Lone Star Call Ducks
10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
I just wanted to thank Peachick for the beautiful Black Sumatra hens that arrived this morning.
My biggest hen is GORGEOUS. Peachick-she is going to the show in November.
I haven't taken pictures yet because they are still a bit uptight from the trip, but are adjusting nicely.
I did have an exciting moment on the way home from the post office when they got out of the box! The post office wanted me to check them before I left to make sure they were all alive and I just couldn't tell through the little holes in the box so I had to partially open the lid(frankly, I live in a small town and I think the people in the post office just wanted to see them-big event for the day). Apparently did not get the box closed as securely as I should have and voila-loose stressed, angry full grown Black Sumatra hens in the cab of my truck! I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't get pulled over.
We all survived and they are doing fine!
Thanks for the birds(and the adventure) Peachick!
Woohoo, congratulations on the sumatra girls!
I want to see photos when you get a chance!

I have a pair of bantam sumatra (hatched from eggs from PeepsInc in the end of April) and I just love them! They're still getting their feathers in but they're just magnificent.
What an awesome breed the sumatra is.

Good luck with your new hens, I hope they settle in quickly. And the truck story cracked me up--good thing you managed to pull over despite the laughter! Reminds me of a time I had a bewick's wren (I'm a wildlife rehabber) escape in the car while I was on my way somewhere. Silly little bird was sitting on the brake pedal wiping his beak as if it was no big deal.

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