My chest freezer got unplugged!! Do I need to have a BBQ tonight?


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So the kids were fooling around under the desk yesterday trying to get the cat. I gave them the 'that's not the place to play' talk. And today when I went to get out meat for dinner I realized the freezer got unplugged during this adventure.

The frozen veggies are all defrosted - can I refreeze, or is this now chicken food?

The freezer jam is cool, but defrosted - trash, eat or refreeze?

The meat is slightly defrosted, not as bad as everything else because it was at the bottom, but I'm not sure if it is safe to refreeze.

Anyone know what I should do?

If thawed, use them or put them in refigerator until you use them.

If they feel warm, toss them.

If the meat feels hard, they are still in semi frozen and it can be frozen again. If thawed or half way thawed, use them, cook them up.

If anything, you can cook all the meats and refreeze them in portions. Works well for me.
i think veggies and jam would be fine. if the meat is still mostly frozen, go ahead and refreeze. if its nearly unfrozen, bbq it up! (although i must say, i have completely thawed meat before, and frozen it again, and eaten it, and i am not dead, its really up to what you are comfortable with!)
my son did this to me a couple months ago. You can refreeze the meat if its still frosty, I refroze the veggies they just stick together quite a bit. I cant answer about the jam.

Someone else may disagree but this is my experience.
When you refreeze the meat again, it affects the flavor and texture and sometimes they do end up with freezer burns. I did that a few times and I do notice the flavor and texture of the meats and had to use them for stews and soups.
Thanks for the help!

What do you guys think about frozen foods?

I have some tater tots, a TV dinner, and bagel bites. They are all defrosted, cool, but defrosted.

This is such bad timing!!

But at least the meat for dinner is defrosted!!

And the stash of girl scout cookies, I'm ok with eating them up tonight!
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