my chick is dying

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  1. zoeroxie

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    Dec 2, 2014
    please help!!! 2 days ago i bought 2 chicks but one is dying he is not eating anything or drinking anything i tried to dip his beak in water but still he is not eating or drinking he is so weak he can't even sit.. he is just lying taking his last breathe seems like this i am so worried please help me please i can't see him dying like this
  2. cafarmgirl

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    How old are these chicks? Day olds? Do they have a heat lamp? Sometimes chicks just fail to thrive no matter what you do and it sounds like this one may be on it's way out. You can try mixing up some Save-A-Chick and give it some with an eye dropper or needless syringe, just put a drop or two at a time in the side of the beak and let her swallow. You do have to be very careful doing this so the chick doesn't aspirate it into it's lungs. Try it and watch closely to see if it swallows anything or not.

    If you can try to get a couple more chicks so you don't have one left alone if this one doesn't make it.

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