my chicken is sick :(


I feed chickens with italian pizza.No, I'm jockin!
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Apr 16, 2019
Centre of Italy
We had to cull Marilla as she was really really skinny and was just getting worse and miserable 😢. I let her go into the garden in her last few hours of life but she barely moved and kept closing her eyes. I think I could have saved her if I identified the sour crop earlier.

I think you did the possible for Marilla, and i'm so sorry she didn't make it :hugs:hugs:hugs:hugs:hugs:hugs:hugsi understand what you feel, i had a chicken that had crop and reproductive problems. I didn't put her down and tried all but she suffered an entire month and then died...sometimes i think that i had to do end her sufference...:(
Big hugs :hugs

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