My chicken smells like sulfur!

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    Feb 12, 2015
    I am a new chicken owner. I inherited three chickens when I purchased an old farm house back in October. I don't know anything about raising chickens. But, so far so good, until now. this particular chicken has never, that I have seen or been able to find, laid an egg. But she is always the first in line for food and water. The other two are the same kind of chicken, most likely raised together, as they do everything together - eat, sleep, lay in the same nest box, etc. but, this buff colored chicken has always been the odd one out, not super friendly, not an egg layer, and now, she doesn't seem interested in leaving her nest box. Over the last few days, she has become less excited to leave the nest box. She rarely gets up. When I put food next to her, she will peck it and eat it. If I coax her to get up, she will go over to the water and feed. Then today, my husband happened to coax her to get up and this sulfur smell wafted out... She smells like rotten eggs! But we don't see any outward medical signs... Her comb is nice and red. There is no discharge in her eyes. My husband, who is a vet (mostly for dogs and cats, not so much poultry) is going to take a closer look at her tomorrow... But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions! I honestly just thought she was cold, or broody, or finally trying and trying to lay an egg... But now I'm worried it is an actually medical issue? Thanks so much I advance for your help!
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    Hi & [​IMG]. She may have been trying to lay a egg and having problems. Hope she is Ok.
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    If the smell is coming from her beak ...she may well have a crop issue...feel her crop and see if it feels hard ( impacted crop maybe )...or soft and squishy ( sour crop maybe )...

    Sour crop can give a rancid smell...

    If your Husband suspects either of these possibilities...there is great information available to treat this..

    Hope you can resolve whatever it is that she is suffering from.

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