my chickens belly is bleeding!


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8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I can't remember what kind she is but she is the kind u butcher to eat. I went out tonight to tell em goodnight and make sure everyone was in order and there is a blood trail to inside the coop! Come to find one of my girls whole belly looks like the skin has been ripped off best we can think of is that she nestled down outside and froze her belly to the ground! It wasn't even very cold today???? I have separated her out and washed her belly. Is there anything else I should do for her???

Human stuff like hydrogen peroxides and neosporin is what I have. She is a fat short chicken that is constantly digging a hole and laying it! (She is kinda not one of my brightest chickens)
You could use the neosporin for tonight or until you can go get something else but Blukote would be better because the bedding will stick to the neosporin.

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