My chickens still love me!


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Southwest MO near the ARK line
I raised my 25 chickens since they were delivered at one day old from Cackle Hatchery on April 1. So, I pretty much bonded with them as chicks. I held and loved on them constantly, carried them around with me alot.
....But as they grew bigger, heavier and more independent...I have not had as much hands on
( holding, petting, carrying , etc...) contact with them as when they were little.
Today I was in the pen and my Dom Roo, the tamest of all of them, sidled up to me. I wondered if he would remember being picked up and held as a chick ? So I lifted him up and was pleasantly suprised that he was very calm and allowed me to hold him again....I wondered if he remembered me holding him ?? He actually snuggled me!!!

About that time, one of my hens flew up on my other arm!!! She landed in my arms like a tame puppy!! I was soooo touched
that she also remembered me carrying them around and didnt think she was too big to be loved on even at her age !!
So now ...I am feeling really guilty for not keeping the contact I had with them as chicks!!!
I will be looking at my flock in a whole new way now....
I'm in SW Mo Too! I am new to this chicken my babies from cackle hatchery the end of July...and they talked me into dominiques. I love them!!! They really do snuggle!! Now, when I get home from work, the first place I go is to have "chicken time!" with my Doms. I was really afraid that when they got big they wouldn't love me anymore...I feel better now. Mine are 7 weeks old. By the way...when I snuggle my chicks, my husband just shakes his head, smiles and says..."Your just not right!" then laughs and picks up a Dom to cuddle a little too!
That is such a nice story. How sweet. That is the best part of raising them as chicks. They love you!

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