My Chicks Flew in Last Night


5 Years
May 15, 2014
Lake City, FL
Well, not by themselves but on their first (and last) airplane ride. The POffice called at 7 am to come and get them. They were in a little box and cold. We took them back to their new home all nice and warm, dipped their beaks in water, checked for pasty butt, and placed them in their box. Six Speckled Sussex, 4 EE hens and 1 EE rooster. I can already tell which one is the rooster. [The last picture]

First chickens ever and we couldn't be more thrilled. I think the rooster has my husband's blue eyes! :)
I'm currently sharing your excitement and joy. I just picked up my six new ones at my post office this morning. They flew in yesterday from a nearby state, and had a long, (for me too) 24 hour layover at a another post office just three hours away, yet I couldn't go pick them up.

So now I have them, and they are happy and exploring their new world, and they seem to have recovered from their long trip just fine.

This is my sixth batch of babies, but I'm as excited as you are.
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